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Is Your Home Market Ready

Putting your home on the market may be the last thing you have on your mind.But as you know, life happens. Things change. You might unexpectedly find yourself in the position of wanting or having to

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Trying To Find A Bargain Home

You’ve heard the story. Someone finds a home on the market that seems underpriced, grabs it, and subsequently discovers it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars more than the selling price.What a

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Should Military Members Rent Or Buy

Here are 3 considerations to help you decide!When Military Members get PCS orders, one of the many questions that comes to mind is their living situation. Should I buy a home or rent a home? We’ve

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How To Make The Best Of A Home Inspection

 A home inspection is a must more so when trying to look out for open house warning signs. It’s  been proven to be a valuable home selling tool for sellers as well. The peace

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